Welcome to the Opt Out Project

Would you rather ... have no cell phone or no computer?
It's a false dichotomy: we don't have to live in a cave to escape! Photo by author; taken at Kahve Coffee Lounge in NYC circa 2014.

Welcome, fellow and aspiring conscientious objectors!

Yes, you can live a modern, digitally connected, twenty-first century life online without Big Tech. You don't have to trade your personal data for "free" services. It's not (always) technically difficult, and you don't have to live in a cave. I've done it, and you can too!

I started this site to share the treasure trove of knowledge I've gleaned from over a decade of opting out of data-sucking services.

You can start here with the Basics, learn more about the Opt Out project, delve into the Techniques I've developed to enable my lifestyle, or explore the Philosophy, the academically-informed thinking behind my unique approach.

Or just jump into my reviews of alternative tools and systems: from email and search to cell phones and the devices that power my connected home

Or maybe you want to know who I am--I don't blame you!--more about that is here or on my professional website here.

It's time to reject toxic tech and usher in a better future. Let's get back in the drivers' seat, demand different tools, and start living a better life online.

Don't drop out, opt out.

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